Embassy and Consulate of Belgium in Vietnam

Business Visa

Documents to be submitted:

(Thank you for submitting your documents in that order)

1. A passport or official travel document issued within the last 10 years with a validity that exceeds the end of your intended stay by at least 3 months. Please make sure your passport has at least 2 double spare pages to affix the visa.

2. One visa application form and two recent passport-size photos. The application form must be completely filled in and signed.

3. An original invitation letter from the inviting company in Belgium, mentioning the name, profession and passport number of the person(s) invited, the purpose and duration of the visit, which party will bear the travelling and lodging expenses. This letter should be made on official letter head paper used by the company.

4. A covering letter from the Vietnamese company (or an official organization in Vietnam) confirming the applicant’s position within the company. The letter should also mention which party is bearing the expenses related to the trip of the applicant. This letter should be made on official letter head paper used by the company.

5. We recommend that you provide documents proving the business relationship between both companies + proof of commercial relation with a company(ies) in the EU. If you are visiting a fair, thank you for submitting your proof of registration.

6. Proof of financial means in the country of residence: bank statements covering at least 3 months, credit cards, traveller cheques, tax income papers, real estate property…

7. Proof of travel/accident insurance to cover possible medical expenses, hospitalization costs and/or repatriation for medical reasons while travelling in Belgium or in other Schengen countries, with medical cover for at least € 30.000. Please provide a photocopy and the original contract which will be returned to you. You will have to show proof of travel/accident insurance when entering the Schengen area.

8. In case of travelling beyond the Schengen area, foreign visa of the country(-ies) that will be visited.

9. Your flight reservation (return ticket).

10. At the collection of your visa: your flight ticket (original + copy).


Important advice:

  • The application may be lodged at least 3 weeks before the intended departure date (but not more than 6 months before the journey).
  • The documents provided must be recent.
  • The original documents have to be presented with 2 set of copies. If the documents are not in French, Dutch, German or English, they have to be presented with a translation from a sworn translator.
  • All the official documents must be recent and legalized by the competent Local authorities and Belgian authorities and must be translated (+ translation legalized) in an official language of Belgium. For more information regarding legalization, please click here.
  • The documents listed above are only the basic documents to be submitted in all cases. Additional documents may be requested by the Embassy.
  • All introductions of false of falsified documents can lead to a judicial inquiry.