Travelling in Vietnam

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Travel advice

You can read the travel advice for Vietnam on the general website of the FPS Foreign Affairs.

Belgians in distress

Despite all your precautions, you get into a distress situation abroad. What to do? Read more...

Contact details for Belgians in distress

Emergency number: +84 91 322 15 00

This service is exclusively reserved for Belgian nationals, in case of extreme emergency and outside the opening hours of the Embassy. The on-call service does not answer administrative questions, visa questions and information requests. Please take into account the time difference with Belgium (+5/6h).

Travellers Online

No country is completely safe from crisis, attacks, or accidents. Register your trip on Travellers Online. This will make it easier for the FPS Foreign Affairs to inform and support you. Your details will always remain confidential.


Wanda contains general information on health risks and vaccination recommendations per country, based on the Belgian travel medicine recommendations. Read more...